th_IMG_1414The 2016 – 2017 Program Schedule

Moorestown Garden Club
2016-2017 Program & Meeting Schedule

October, March, and May will be EVENING MEETINGS with a 7:00 p.m. start time Oct. & March, 6:00 p.m. May

See below for details!


Fall Meeting and Luncheon
Tuesday, September 20
9:30 Coffee – 10:00 Busines Meeting
Laurel Creek Country Club, 701 Centerton Rd., Mt. Laurel

Program: Welcome Back! See what’s coming up in the new Garden Club season!


Regular Evening Meeting
Tuesday, October 18
7:00 Coffee 7:30 Business Meeting
Moorestown Community House Club Room

Program: “Not Tonight Dear; I have a headache!”

Danielle Lehr, Education Program Coordinator at Pennsbury Manor

This unique presentation reveals the home grown herbal cures of 17th Century medicine. Some of our historic figures, including the wife of William Penn, Galliana Penn, were well respected for their natural medical potions and tinctures that could cure just about anything in those days. Danielle reintroduces us to some of the herbs we all have in our gardens and their long time alternative uses.


Joint Social Meeting
Monday, November 14

11:00 am, Lunch   Speaker to Follow
Joint meeting with Pinelands Garden Club and Haddonfield Garden Club
Hosted by: Moorestown Garden Club, Community House Ballroom

Program: “To Have and to Hold: A Tapestry of Union.”

Ken Norman, AFID


A renowned designer, Ken’s work has appeared in many magazines, as well as the blog “Style Me Pretty”. He has entered and served as the AIFD exhibit chairman at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Ceremonial bouquets and personal flowers to wear are staples for many weddings. Inspiring bouquets, boutonnieres, and beyond, will be showcased in this presentation. By weaving textures of the season together with traditional and trendy color schemes, these hand-crafted creations are sure to fascinate and impress!


Gift to the Community
Tuesday, December 6
9:30 Coffee 10:00 Bundling Begins!
Trinity Episcopal Church Parish Hall
Main and Church Streets, Moorestown

Program: “The Greening of Moorestown: Holiday Wreath Making”

Description: Please be sure to join us as we work together creating beautiful wreaths of natural greens; no two are alike! The garden club has contributed wreaths to beautify Moorestown at holiday time for decades, and all recipients are most grateful. Come enjoy the fellowship of your Garden Club friends and some tasty treats while contributing to this worthy endeavor.

Program Chair: Stacy Schaffer
Please bring greens and clippers


Regular Meeting
Tuesday, January 31
9:30 Coffee 10:00 Business Meeting
Moorestown Community House Garden Room

Program: “A Peek Between the Branches: Exactly What Does the Tree Committee Do?”

John Gibson, Chairperson of The Moorestown Tree Planting and Preservation Committee, Co-Chair of Horticulture – The Philadelphia Flower Show

Description: If you have a question about Emerald Ash Bore or any new and invasive tree bug- just ask John!

Who tallied up the count for our Tree City USA designation- just ask John!

How do our Main St. trees get pruned?- just ask John!

Who are the advocates for our trees and their Outreach Program?- just ask John!

And and off the wall question: How do I enter horticulture at The Philadelphia Flower Show?- just ask John!



Regular Meeting
Tuesday, February 21
9:30 Coffee 10:00 Business Meeting
Moorestown Community House Club Room

Program: “Tree and Garden Law”

By Rachel Roat, JD, – 12 Noon

Description: A Master Gardener, as well as an attorney, Ms. Roat has combined her love of gardening with her legal skills and created a practice of tree, neighbor, and garden law. Come learn more about this little-known speciality, of interest to all gardeners, specifically dealing with issues related to border, encroaching, nuisance, and hazard trees. She will build upon what we learned last month from John Gibson!


Regular Evening Meeting
Tuesday, March 21
7:00 Coffee 7:30 Business Meeting
Moorestown Community House Club Room

Program: “Accessories and Accents for Your Garden Room”

Pete Murphy, stylist and buyer for Urban Outtifetter’s Garden Center, Terrain

Description: Just in time for the new Spring season we get a glimpse into the latest styles for your back porch, patio, or outside entertaining room. What’s hot for those well placed planted pots and the easy care trend in plant styling.


Regular Meeting
Tuesday, April 18
9:30 Coffee 10:00 Business Meeting
Moorestown Community House Club Room

Program: “Opening Your Eyes with Falcon Turn Daylilies and Other Daylily Destinations”

Jane Guillard, Owner/Operator of Falcon Turn Daylilies

Description: Not just a business owner Jane is passionate about daylilies. This colorful discussion includes the bloom periods of different daylilies, the variety of color, the form and shapes, and how they vary PLUS growing them in New Jersey with our sandy and clay-like soil! The ‘piece de resistance’ is that she will be bringing some lilies for our perusal and purchase!


Year End Meeting and Cocktail Party
Tuesday, May 16
6:00 p.m
At the home of Gina Zegel

Program: Installation of Officers

Description: Join us as we recap the highlights of the year, wrap up any lingering business and install new officers. A great opportunity to relax with friends and wish then well for the summer!

Field Trips



Buckley’s Tavern in Wilmington DE for Lunch

Thursday May 11th, 2017 – 9:00am 

(See yearbook for departure & return details)

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